Monday, November 26, 2007

WEP and WPA cracking

a brilliant program still being developed, however additions have be released.
now, i have my own network set up.
the goal of this experiment is simply to work out how to break into them.

this program had problems with my hardware, (D-link DWL-G122), however iv worked around it.
Reinjection- Dont seem to get it to work, depending on what network encryption.
deauthentification- Again, dont seem to be able to get it to work.

however, the latest problem, seems to be the cracking.

i currently have 5890 data packets on a WPA network, and dont seem to be able to crack it.
apparently, it runs on handshakes, and EAPOL, however i have no idea how to keep track of the handshakes, other than Growl, another great mac program.

i believe the best way for this to work is to recode the program, using Xcode (another, great mac program)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Skype Video Calling

free video calling....

skype allows for video calling between mac users, mac and windows, mac and whatever.
its great.

and its free
basically its like msn, except that msn does not seem to support video calling on macs... which is a letdown, as its great on windows msn.

but hope is still here.

Moving large files in Mac

Fat32.... Has its flaws.....

im trying to run a program. now im running it from an iso. and its a dvd iso... so 4.6GBs in size... and so im having some trouble.
i have to move it from one operating system to the other for bootcamp. problem is... as mac is only FAT32, it cant move or write files that big...

so... the only option i have found to get this to work is to use winrar for mac, and hope i can get it down in size... sigh...

and compressing a 4.3GB file... is going to take a while... sigh

Monday, October 15, 2007


now, i did not buy the macbook for gaming... well not really. i bought it for uni, however me and my friends to enjoy a good game from time to time.
so, with bootcamp, i am able to play games in windows.

now... this is not without snags, as the graphics card in the macbook is not amazing, however it is decent.

despite some people telling me i have know hope of running some games, it has pulled it off and pulled it off nicely.

the following games can run very smoothly at high settings:

Counter Strike 1.6 (CS1.6)
Battlefield 1942

some games had some issues:

Dawn of war DC.
worked full spec, but not so smooth, however on low to medium specs runs well and smooth. the problem is when there are alot of units on screen, but even then i havnt seen a computer run it smoothly yet... even my friends hard core desktop.

would not load on macbook, however with 3danalyzer, it was able to run. the weird thing was it lagged a bit with lots of enemies, but it didnt matter what settings i had the graphics on, even full spec it lagged just as much...?

GTA: San Andreas
ran realy well on medium settings, but a little sluggish full settings, i believe due to the smoke. graphics card doesnt quite have all the power for that. however on medium settings it looks great and runs fine! dam good game.

and so far there is only one game that doesnt want to run...
Battlefield 2.
graphics card was not supported, and so the drivers wernt up to scratch, and so it loads but then flashs a black screen then goes back to desktop...

however, try youtube, and you will see that it can play some new games damn well...

Kernal Panic

now, when you use headphones, you may encounter the problem of the audio stuffing up after you remove the headphones.

this is called a "kernal panic" apparently, and occurs when the headphones are removed too slowly. the computer freaks, and the sound is stuffed for a wile, until you reinsert the headphones, or shut the pc down.

simple fix.

put the headphones back in and pull the jack out quickly.

my macbook did this when i first got it, although the problem has now gone for reason?

but yea

Mac Ox Network Bug...

Macs operating system seems to have an issue... click on the desktop, then menu bar, "go", "Network"....

know when you first start the macbook in Mac Ox, and do this, the network finder box will launch, then quit out to the desktop. Any further attempts to open this way will result in nothing... nothing at all...

I have no idea what causes this, and by the sounds of things no one on the internet does, however, the solution of creating a new user and logging in under there name, go network, and it should work in there user. Log out, and try it again in your user and it should be working again....

again i have no idea why it does this